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18 September - 24 September 2017

Belgium Futurity is moving to Grathem

As most of you have probably heard from other sources, the Belgium Futurity will be relocating for the 2016 show. Unfortunately we couldn’t get this information out on our websites earlier due to the fact that all of the decisions and plans hadn’t been completed until now, and we didn’t want to jump the gun with putting out misleading or incorrect information. However, all of the “I’s” have now been dotted and the “T’s” are crossed. Phew!
In recent years the Belgium Futurity has become an international event. Up to 2015 this show has been run at the Llyda Stables in Destelbergen owned by Daniel Taelemans. In the past this location has been adequate but because of the growth of this show both in participants, stands, entertainment and general public, unfortunately it has become too small to handle this growth. We (The Belgium Futurity Organization) and crew are very grateful to Daniel for all the years in helping to put on this show. In all aspects of life people and things change and sometimes these changes are necessary and can also generate a whole new lease of life, and hopefully a little excitement in what’s to come. In the reining sport it is no different.

When planning this move one of the most important aspects was that we find a location where it could handle this Futurity in its current size, but also had the capability for further growth in the years to come. It was essential that our new location had a large show arena, a sizeable warm up arena, adequate warming and heating, parking room, sound systems, space for the video and camera people, toilets, showers and hot water facilities for both the participants and the general public and not forgetting, a nice cosy warm bar where everyone could sit back and enjoy a drink and a bite to eat.

Another important ingredient while we were looking for a new location was that we find a place which would give us new options to be able to offer our most valued sponsors more opportunities, room and comfort to enjoy the show. We are always very aware that without these sponsors, basically we wouldn’t need a new location; in fact we wouldn’t have a Futurity.    

After much searching we came across Reiningcenter Meertenhof just a few kilometres over the border in the Netherlands.
Reiningcenter Meertenhof has currently a 35 x 70 metres show arena and in the near future there will be a warm up arena added on to this show arena. This is an ideal situation for both participants and general public. The total show is under one roof and for the run in classes it will bring excitement to one and all. Bad weather will also have a much lesser impact on the horses and riders. The location is spacious and offers enough parking facilities for both participants and the public. We strongly believe that we have found the perfect location for the Belgium Futurity for now and many years to come.

So from 2016, the Belgium Futurity will be held 3 kilometres across the border in the Netherlands. We do not believe that this will make a difference. Everything we do within the sport is for the good of the sport and we want the sport to be able to grow and blossom and to do that we have to try to give all the horses, riders, owners, grooms and of course our valued sponsors the best facilities that we can find, regardless of where the location is, or not.

Reiningcenter Meertenhof is located in South Limburg and is perfect to reach for Belgian, Dutch and German riders and visitors. We also hope that going forward and because of this relocation that we can entice more international participants and public from other countries, Italy, France, Poland to name just a few.

The Belgium Futurity is organized by Nicole Keesen, Siegfried Stevens, Carin Harman and Mike Harman. NRHA Belgium is the main sponsor of the Belgium Futurity and each year it contributes sizeable funds to the “ added money “ from their Sire & Dam program. We don’t take this sponsorship lightly and we are very proud that we are able to put on a show of the highest quality and we are really looking forward to putting on a super Belgium Futurity 2016 at our new location at Reining Center Meertenhof.

We will do our best to keep you informed of what’s going on, so please login to our website from time to time or check out our Facebook page. September will be here quicker than you think. We are looking forward to seeing all the familiar faces, but hopefully there will also be many new faces to greet and entertain at our new location.

Belgium Futurity are already making preparations for the 2017 Belgium Futurity. The 2017 Futurity will be again held at the Reining Center Meertenhof in Grathem.

In order to keep all you Reiners up to date with what’s in store, please drop by our website and our Facebook pages  for new information between now and September 18.

Anyway. Welcome to our new Facebook Belgium Futurity website. Please click here and like our new page. .


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Master Equine Dentist; Dany Welter | Belgium. Belgium Futurity Sponsor 2016
Fonck Performance Horses : Proud Sponsor of the Belgium Futurity 2016
Arthurs Western Store: Sponsor of the Belgium Futurity 2016
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